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The Iulius company group is the largest developer and operator of shopping malls is Romania, with over two decades’ experience in the modern retail. The company portfolio includes over 250,000 sqm m leasable area. The Palas Iași multifunctional urban ensemble – the first “lifestyle center” in the country – and the four shopping malls functioning under the Iulius brand (in Iaşi, Timişoara, Cluj and Suceava) are the company projects that made a name for themselves in the on the market. Due to their regional character, the tenant mix and the entertainment offer, the malls are market leaders in the cities where they were developed. Every year, over 50 million people do their shopping and spend their free time in the Iulius company group malls.

Iulius Mall Iași

Iulius Mall Iasi was opened in April 2000, at the time being the first the first mall to have been built outside of Bucharest and the second in the entire country. The shopping venue that generated a new lifestyle in the province has a leasable area of over 23.700 sqmand represents a total invesment of 23 milion Euros.

Iulius Mall Iasi comprises 200 stores of famous nationaland international brands, the Cinema City multiplex cinema with 5 auditoriums, a food-court area, Carrefour Market and over 1000 parking places. Tha visitors can access multiple locations for spending their leisure time: restaurants, cafes, pastry shops, casino, bowling and billiard club, as well as a play area for children.

Vitality, elegance an style. These are the words that characterize Iulius Mall Iasi.



Iulius Mall Timișoara

Opened in 2005, Iulius Mall Timişoara is the largest mall outside of the Capital, with a leasable area adding up to over 66,500 sqm. The 105 million Euro investment brought over 330 national and international brands to the mall in Banat, ensured over 3,000 underground and overground parking places, a food court with a capacity of 1,700 people, Auchan hypermarket, Cinema City multiplex cinema with 7 auditoriums, bowling and billiard club, seasonal ice skating rink, pool, play area for children, casino, cafés and restaurants.

Iulius Mall Timişoara impresses through its original architecture, the brand diversity and the countless leisure and entertainment opportunities.

Iulius Mall Cluj

Iulius Mall Cluj is the third mall of the national Iulius network and was opened in 2007. With a 50.250,99 sqm leasable area, this shopping center represents an 80 million Euro investment. The mall comprises over 230 stores, an Auchan hypermarket, Cinema City multiplex cinema with 10 auditoriums, food court, underground and overground parking facilities with over 2,000 parking places, and other leisure opportunities. Because Transylvanians appreciate originality, Iulius Mall Cluj was designed as a shopping center with an unprecedented synergy, where entertainment and shopping are taken to the next level.

The company developed the Iulius Business Center near-by the mall, an A-class office building that was leased 100% by famous companies. 

Iulius Mall Cluj - Photo Gallery

Iulius Mall Suceava

Iulius Mall Suceava was opened for the public in 2008, following an investment adding up to over 60 million Euro which revolutionized the regional retail marketplace by means of the shopping-dining-entertainment mix. The approximately 50,000 sqm leasable area now hosts over 150 stores that offer various shopping options, Auchan hypermarket, Bricostore DIY store, play area for children, food court, casino, outdoor football field, seasonal ice skating rink, the largest bowling and billiard club in Suceava and a parking lot with 1,300 parking places.

The modern architecture and special design combined with the quality of the brands recommend Iulius Mall Suceava as one of the top and most stylish shopping and leisure destinations.